Karla and Kathy - Working with the 90-Dial



Working with the 90° dial.

The following representations A and B refer on the Natal horoscopes of Karla and Käthy. The horoscope in the middle is Karla’s directed chart by solar arc for the birthday of Käthy = 84°11’.The drawing A shows Karla’s natal Saturn-axis and the drawing B, her directed one. I have integrated numerous planet-pictures for this research for example: NE/AD = Changing of the condition, or:

NO+NE+UR = connection with the byond, or: JU+SA-SO = death of the body (exit). The extensive examinations of this topic yielded a fullness of interesting results, but it is impossible to discuss them all in the context of my lecture. I have selected the two Saturn-axen, because they give us some clear answers to the question of our topic. The SA axis of Karla is connected with the combined sum and half sum of her life element (M+PO)/(M/PO) where AP and NO full apear.


This shows: The successful conection of the educator. The whole picture for Karla is:


Karla was educator of children and also a successful student of the sence of live.”

Käthy’s horoscope in this axis shows: MA and HA as full factors, with the meaning: “Actions from the past.” (In a new life we continue our activities of the past life.) Further pictures in this axis, that show us the connection between Karla and Käthy: MCd Karla/SOKäthy: “The soul of Karla in this age is connected with the body of Käthy”

The combined life-element (M/PO)/(M+PO) from Käthy is MCd Karla. Reading:“The soul of Karla in this age is connected with the life-element of Käthy.” M/PO Käthy/POd Karla: "Käthy’s life element is combined with the knowledge of Karla at this time." Käthy’s AS forms the half sum in this axis with MC+PO and NO+NE+UR of Karla: Reading: "Karla's life element is part of Käthy’s environment in the fine material area."

The next drawing B shows the directed Saturn-axis of Karla, together with her life-element MC/PO. This point is connected with the NODE and the AS of Käthy. The reading: “Käthy has a connection with Karlas separated Life-element in her surrounding.


The list of all meaningful connections in the different attitudes can be continued for several more pages however, this would be tiring. It also would extend the frame of my lecture time. You can reflect on this case with the horoscope drawings that you’ll find in the hand out of the comgress map. My lecture can be only a suggestion to this new topic, to arouse your interest.