Karla and Kathy

Is Karla reborn in the body of Kathy?

A contribution to the astrology-reincarnation research

by Udo Rudolph

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends of Astrology! A question-mark stands at the end of my title. It means that I’m not quite sure about my assumption that Karla is reborn in the body of Käthy. I believe it, because in my inner self an assumption has built up, by different experiences of the last three years, by dreams, events and feeling-knowledge. I regard it as possible, that Karla is reborn in the body of Käthy, I believe it and it is the first time for me to go into this field of research.

I’ll prove now, if it is possible to confirm this assumption by our Witte-Astrology and hope, that this penetrating into a new astrological research field, can lead us to new knowledge. Astrology can grow only, when we discover new fields, how it is usual in all knowledge areas.

My lecture consists in following three steps.

  1. Definition of the concept reincarnation
  2. About the connection between inside and outside
  3. The test of my assumption, that Karla is reborn again as Käthy to continue her evolution on earth.

1. Definition of the concept reincarnation

Gottfried de Purucker a former president of the “Theosophical Society,” defines the concept reincarnation in his dictionary as follows: (1)

"Enter again into meat" the recurrence of a human soul without body, into a new human body. The repeated reincarnnation of the human ego in the body of human meat – this is a special part of the general teaching of the reincarnation. The general teaching of the re-personification doesn't only apply to man, but for all arbitrary consciousness centers or with other words, for all Monads, where always they may stand on the evolutionary ladder of their life and whatever their special development-degree may be. The meaning of this general teaching is actually very simple: Every life consciousness center with other words, every Monad, or monadic essence, embodies herself again and again in different vehicles, "bodies". These bodies can be spiritual; they also can be physical or else after their nature lie between these two ways, i.e. being ethereal. This law of nature which without exception applies to all Monads, dominates in all the different areas of the visible and invisible universe, at all its different levels and in all its different worlds.”

2. The connection between inside and outside.

We can observe that there exists a connection between inside and outside in all perceptible areas. Inside and outside belong together and form a whole. A house (outside) has residents (inside), a vehicle (outside) has a driver (inside) and a clock (outside) has a clockwork (inside). These simple examples show, that there is an inside for every outside and - that inside and outside belong together, building a whole. The particular function will be disconnected, if the inside comes to the outside, then the unity is disturbed.

This observation refers to every visible appearances. The inside must not be always a person. A cup of coffee or a glass of red wine, shows us the same. The cup or the glas is the outer - the form, that needs liquids in the inner, to become a whole. A cup and a glas are useless, without having something in the form, into the inside. We cannot put öel into water, because liquids need a form and they are useless without a form. It is the same with our bodies; the form is the outside, the contents on the inside: soul and spirit.

{mospagebreak title=Hermann Lefeldt}

Hermann Lefeldt a competent teacher and researcher of the Hamburg School Astrology, found a connection between “sum and halfsum,” Lefeldt put force the hypothesis, that the sum stands for the inner and the halfsum for the outer, the form. I just have spoken that “inner things” need a “form” and we have seen, that the inner - the contents mostly have the greater value. The inner of the human beeing, is the best example because our soul an spirit are immortal, whereas the body is mortal. Astrology is not exhausted by knowing the technic alone. We must know the sence of life, we need a philosophy of life and also our own experience of life, if we are going to give advice to our clients for difficult and serious questions concering the life.

Indian philosophy describes our body as a "vehicle." This mode of expression surprises us at first; however upon a more exact consideration it seems very significant if we employ the concept "locomotion-means" for vehicle. Our visible body, the vehicle, is also an outside for the inner immortal and invisible part of us: Soul and spirit MC + PO. Lefeldt called this inner part: “devine spark.” If we follow this hypothesis for “sum and halfsum,” we can draw the conclusion:

When the “devine spark” leaves the body during the dying-hour, then it lives outside of the body and changes into the halfsum MC/PO.


Carl Perch, one of my teachers and also a student of the Agni-Yoga life teaching, has created some special points for the own birth, the death and also for the personality. He has asked himself: “What is the birth? How can I define this event? What happens during the birth-process?” He found: “The birth is a happy disconnection from the body of the Mother.”

Perch created the planet-picture: JU+SA-MO, meaning: “Happy seperation from the vehicle of the mother.” We use JU+SA also, when we move into another house or into another apartment. I think this is a clear description of the birth. The baby removes from the body of the Mother, turns into a citizen of this outer world and is a complet creation now.

Perch called this unity between the mortal body, and the imortal unity of soul and spirit, the personality point and took MC, SO and PO into a triple sum: MC+SU+PO. For the death Carl Perch worked with the following points: MC+PO-SO the life-element without body = T1 and SO+SO – (MC/PO) the body without life-element, the corpse = T 2.

A new question now in connection with the topic: “What is the death, what happens during the dying-hour?”

Let us have a definition about the death!

Emanuel Swedenborg gave us the following answer: “When dying man changes over with all his qualities from the physical world to the spiritual one, where he has a “spiritual body.” After his earthly death the “inner person” lives further immediately in the beyond. So the life doesn't find any interruption by the death." According to Emanuel Swedenborg.

The Hamburg-School Astrologers expresses this “spiritual body” - how already mentioned - with the planet-picture: MC+PO and MC/PO. Carl Perch has called it: “Spirit and soul or psychical energy.” Lefeldt called it “Devine spark.” We also can call it: “Life-element.” This immortal life-element becomes a part of the spiritual world and has to follow, the cosmic laws of the higher dimension, without a physical body.

Lefeldt and Perch gave us important contribution to the further development of the Witte astrology by their findings, we can be very grateful to them.

Both hypothesis, one from Lefeldt about sum and halfsum, and Perch’s findings for the own birth, the death and the personality, are the basis for the following horoscope-examinations.

1. The test of my assumpion, hat Karla is reborn into the body of Käthy.


Karla Birthday: 10th of Dec. 1922, 8:45-1 = GMT
Coordinates: Lg. 10°E 02’, Lat. 53°N 36’.
Death day: 03rd of May 2002 at: 3:00 – 2 = GMT

Käthy’s Birthday: 22th of Nov. 2005, 23:15 – 1 = GMT
Coordinates: Lg. 12°E 03’, Lat. 43°N 07’


I’ll work with the following planet-pictures:
(KA. = Karla. Kä. = Käthy)
  1. JU+SA-MO: Point of the own birth, leaving the body of the mother
    Ka. = 27°31 Sag. Kä. = 27°22 Lib.
  2. MC+PO and MC/PO. The life-element in the body and out of the body
    Ka. = + 23°45 Ar. / 11°53 Lib. Kä. = + 27°18 Sag. / 13°39 Leo.
  3. MC+SU+PO: Personality point. Unity between body and life-element
    Ka. = 11°14 Cap. Kä. = 28°01 Leo.
  4. JU+SA-SO: Removal from the body, leave the body, exit Ka. = 9°48 Vir.
  5. KN+NE+UR: Connection with the beyond, to enter the invisible world
    Ka. = 23°45 Cap.
  6. NE/AD, NE+AD: Changing the condition Ka. / 11°02 Gem. + 22°04 Leo Kä.
    = / 4°03 Ar. + 8°06 Ar.
  7. NO/HA and NO+HA: Connection with the past Kä. = /18°42 Tau. + 7°24 Can

I now want to show you the practical work of my topic. First I’ll work with the 360° dial and take a look into the houses. Alfred Witte has taught us 6 different house investigations that are set up on the personal points: MC, AS, NO, SO, MO and AR.

In our case it suffices if we consider the NO- and the AS-houses, they show us the connections and the surroundings of a person. (Folie auflegen)

The drawing shows the positions of the life-elements. Karla’s chart is inside and Käthy’s is the outer one. The purpose of this examination is to find out whether we can find connections between the life-elements, through oberving the houses.

Remember please we want to kow, if the body of Käthy has taken over the life-element from Karla. The life-element is immortal and can enter into a new body after having left the old body by dying.

My assumption is, that the body of Käthy is the new vehicle, for the life-element of Karla.


" />
1. Karlas (inside) NO- houses:


For getting the NO-houses we put 0° Libra of the dial on the NO of Karla’s chart and look where we find the life-elements of Käthy. Her sum MC+PO lies in the 3rd hause and the halfsum MC/PO in the 11th house. These positions don’t give us a note to my assumptiom.





2. Karla’s (inside) AS-houses:

Here we have the same procedure, we put 0° Libra of the dial on the AS of Karla’s chart and look for the life-element of Käthy. Her sum MC+PO lies in the 1st house, and the halfsum MC/PO in the 8th house.

These positions are interesting, because the 1st house shows personal characteristics and the 8th house belongs to metaphysics, trancendence and death. This is a senceful connection between Karlas AS-houses and Käthies life-element.




3. Käthy’s (inside) NO-houses:

Here we find Karla’s sum MC+PO in the 1st house and the half-sum MC/PO in the 6th house. The sum in the 1st -house shows again personal characteristics and the occupation of the 6th house can confirm my assumption, that Karla’s life-element has entered the body of Käthy. (Work and health)


{mospagebreak title=Kathy's AS-houses}

4. Käthy’s (inside) AS-houses:

Karlas sum stands in the 8th house and the halfsum MC/PO in the 2nd house. This also is an interesting occupation. The 8th house speaks again about metaphysics, death and trancendence.

The well known German Astrologer, Dr. Landscheid, called this house-opposition from the 2nd to the 8th house: The Life- substance.

Conclusion: The house-occupations in the NO- and AS-houses have shown, that there can exist a continuation of the further spiritual evolution of Karla in the body of Käthy. Three of the four placements in the houses have shown results which can confirm my assumption. But this is not enough to be certain.





Working with the 90° dial.

The following representations A and B refer on the Natal horoscopes of Karla and Käthy. The horoscope in the middle is Karla’s directed chart by solar arc for the birthday of Käthy = 84°11’.The drawing A shows Karla’s natal Saturn-axis and the drawing B, her directed one. I have integrated numerous planet-pictures for this research for example: NE/AD = Changing of the condition, or:

NO+NE+UR = connection with the byond, or: JU+SA-SO = death of the body (exit). The extensive examinations of this topic yielded a fullness of interesting results, but it is impossible to discuss them all in the context of my lecture. I have selected the two Saturn-axen, because they give us some clear answers to the question of our topic. The SA axis of Karla is connected with the combined sum and half sum of her life element (M+PO)/(M/PO) where AP and NO full apear.


This shows: The successful conection of the educator. The whole picture for Karla is:


Karla was educator of children and also a successful student of the sence of live.”

Käthy’s horoscope in this axis shows: MA and HA as full factors, with the meaning: “Actions from the past.” (In a new life we continue our activities of the past life.) Further pictures in this axis, that show us the connection between Karla and Käthy: MCd Karla/SOKäthy: “The soul of Karla in this age is connected with the body of Käthy”

The combined life-element (M/PO)/(M+PO) from Käthy is MCd Karla. Reading:“The soul of Karla in this age is connected with the life-element of Käthy.” M/PO Käthy/POd Karla: "Käthy’s life element is combined with the knowledge of Karla at this time." Käthy’s AS forms the half sum in this axis with MC+PO and NO+NE+UR of Karla: Reading: "Karla's life element is part of Käthy’s environment in the fine material area."

The next drawing B shows the directed Saturn-axis of Karla, together with her life-element MC/PO. This point is connected with the NODE and the AS of Käthy. The reading: “Käthy has a connection with Karlas separated Life-element in her surrounding.


The list of all meaningful connections in the different attitudes can be continued for several more pages however, this would be tiring. It also would extend the frame of my lecture time. You can reflect on this case with the horoscope drawings that you’ll find in the hand out of the comgress map. My lecture can be only a suggestion to this new topic, to arouse your interest.



For the end of my explanations I want to show you a right triangel with the following positions in the corner-points: Sun, Venus and Pluto.


You can see here, a congruent mathematical figure.

This result is the I point on my research and makes me believe, that Karla is reborn in the body of Käthy. One day I hope to know it.


I cannot expect that you will also share my belief, I hope, however, that my explanations can be an impulse for you if you deal with this topic more closely.

Many thanks for your attention!