Karla and Kathy

I now want to show you the practical work of my topic. First I’ll work with the 360° dial and take a look into the houses. Alfred Witte has taught us 6 different house investigations that are set up on the personal points: MC, AS, NO, SO, MO and AR.

In our case it suffices if we consider the NO- and the AS-houses, they show us the connections and the surroundings of a person. (Folie auflegen)

The drawing shows the positions of the life-elements. Karla’s chart is inside and Käthy’s is the outer one. The purpose of this examination is to find out whether we can find connections between the life-elements, through oberving the houses.

Remember please we want to kow, if the body of Käthy has taken over the life-element from Karla. The life-element is immortal and can enter into a new body after having left the old body by dying.

My assumption is, that the body of Käthy is the new vehicle, for the life-element of Karla.