Karla and Kathy - Kathy's NO-houses


3. Käthy’s (inside) NO-houses:

Here we find Karla’s sum MC+PO in the 1st house and the half-sum MC/PO in the 6th house. The sum in the 1st -house shows again personal characteristics and the occupation of the 6th house can confirm my assumption, that Karla’s life-element has entered the body of Käthy. (Work and health)


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4. Käthy’s (inside) AS-houses:

Karlas sum stands in the 8th house and the halfsum MC/PO in the 2nd house. This also is an interesting occupation. The 8th house speaks again about metaphysics, death and trancendence.

The well known German Astrologer, Dr. Landscheid, called this house-opposition from the 2nd to the 8th house: The Life- substance.

Conclusion: The house-occupations in the NO- and AS-houses have shown, that there can exist a continuation of the further spiritual evolution of Karla in the body of Käthy. Three of the four placements in the houses have shown results which can confirm my assumption. But this is not enough to be certain.