Karla and Kathy

1. Definition of the concept reincarnation

Gottfried de Purucker a former president of the “Theosophical Society,” defines the concept reincarnation in his dictionary as follows: (1)

"Enter again into meat" the recurrence of a human soul without body, into a new human body. The repeated reincarnnation of the human ego in the body of human meat – this is a special part of the general teaching of the reincarnation. The general teaching of the re-personification doesn't only apply to man, but for all arbitrary consciousness centers or with other words, for all Monads, where always they may stand on the evolutionary ladder of their life and whatever their special development-degree may be. The meaning of this general teaching is actually very simple: Every life consciousness center with other words, every Monad, or monadic essence, embodies herself again and again in different vehicles, "bodies". These bodies can be spiritual; they also can be physical or else after their nature lie between these two ways, i.e. being ethereal. This law of nature which without exception applies to all Monads, dominates in all the different areas of the visible and invisible universe, at all its different levels and in all its different worlds.”