The 6th IUF-Conference, Bangkok, 28-29 January 2012.

The 6th IUF-Conference of Uranian Astrology, will taken place at the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference will be managed by our close friends in Thailand. We hope you will join us in the most largest Community of Uranian Astrology worldwide. Here the welcome words:

We welcome you with Thai hospitality to the “Land of Smile”, the host of the 6th International Uranian Fellowship Conference of Uranian Astrology (IUF6) on 28-29 January 2012.

The country, formerly known as Siam, has its long history for over a thousand years and now flourishes with a wide range of attractions from traditional cultures, historical places, beautiful natures to cutting-edge technologies. Bangkok has always been ranked among the top destinations for tourists and become a high-light of the Southeast Asia. Besides the capital civilization, within a close proximity, you will find a way to tropical jungles, white-sand beaches, island paradises, and much more. Regarding astrology, a large number of Thai people have long been intrigued by a variety ways of future forecast. Thousands of youngsters take courses and conduct researches in astrology. It would be proud to say that the future of astrology could be here!

The IUF6 will be held at Siriraj Hospital, the largest and oldest hospital of Thailand. Established 123 years ago, “Siriraj” was named by King Rama V to honor his son who passed away at a very young age. The King’s sorrow led to an initiative to found a public hospital as he realized the suffering of Thai people from illnesses. It is now renowned as “the Hospital of the Land” where it provides excellent medical facilities to all people from the Royal family to the poor. The hospital and its school of medicine are located on the side of Chao Phraya River, just opposite to the Grand Palace, in central Bangkok. Several other historical sites, such as the Temple of Dawn, are also nearby.

Recently, Siriraj has expanded its service in “Traditional Medicine” which has quickly become popular. This includes an integrative medicine in which the local practice has met with the modern medicine. As part of a tradition in medicine, medical astrology has been fascinated, even among western-style practitioners. Therefore, Siriraj warmly opens its door to host astrologers around the world to this prestigious event. Welcome again and see you at the IUF6!

If you plan to come, please take into account the important Dates:

15 June 2011 Deadline for Abstract Submission.

For more details, please download: Call for Papers {rddl}IUF_6_Bangkok_2012-Flyer.pdf{/rddl}