Barack Hussein Obama II

I have got an Email from Mark B. Anstendig, a friend in the USA, with Barack Obama's birth certificate. It is mentioned:

Barack Hussein Obama II
Hour of Birth: 7:24 PM
Date: August, 4th 1961
Place: Honolulu (Island: Oahu)

Obama's birth certificate

I cannot confirm the validity yet.

UpDate: Now, I can confirm. This Certificate was also found on Obama's Web-Site.
Thank's to Bernd Singer for validation.

If you calculate the horoscope chart, you will see this:

Obama's Chart with the Earth-Houses

UpDate: This list of events was collected by Bernd Singer (Translation by Francine Rasenberg): 



ca. 2°

1963; Divorce of parents (Father scientist; Mother antropologist, stays with his mother)

ca. 9-10°

1971; after Hawai; from Indonesia to grandmother, saw father for the last time

ca. 17°

1979; Finishes High School, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California

ca. 17-19°

1979-1981; Columbia University, NY

ca. 20°

1982; Death father at UN

ca. 21°

1983; BA-Graduation; Political Science, employee at the scientifical board of the Business International Corporation in New York

ca. 23°

1985; worked 5 years for a general organisation –helping inhabitants of the poor aerea with worktrainings ; 3 further years of studying Law at the Harvard Law School

ca. 28°30

1991; J.D.- Laureate; Master of Law, Dr.jur; magna cum laude

ca. 29°30

1992; Moves to Chicago


18.10.1992, Marriage (Michelle Robinson *17.01.1964; Michelle R. comes from a black working class family in south Chicago. She took her BA graduation in sociology in 1985 and her Master Degree in Law 1988 at Harvard . Mrs Obama worked in a Lawyers Office in Chicago. (where she met her husband in 1989 ) and in a social aid organisation. Since 2005 she is Vicepresident of The University Clinic of Chicago)

ca. 30°30

1993; Works in a Lawyers Society specialised in civil right Miner, Barnhill and Galland in Chicago.

ca. 32°30

1995; Publishes Biografy (First Edition 2004)


10.11.1996; Elected in the Senate of the State of Illinois


04.07.1999; Birth first daughter (Malia Ann)


07.06.2001; Birth second daughter (Natasha "Sasha")

ca. 41°20

till 2004; Professor of Constitutional Law at the faculty of Law at the University of Chicago.

ca. 41°10

March 2004; won the preselection for candidate of the US-Senate


02.11.2004; Won the selection for the US-Senate


04.01.2005; Oath of office as US-Senator

ca. 42°57

January 2006; trip to Fernost -Kuweit, Irak, Israel

ca. 43°30

August 2006; trip to South Africa, Kenia


10.02.2007; Announcement candidate presidency


from 04.05.2007; safety guard by the Secret Service


03.06.2008; victory of the preselection democratic candidate


04.11.2008; date of election for presidency 


20.01.2009; date of inauguration the president of the United States

Thanks to Mark B. Anstendig, Bernd Singer and Francine Rasenberg