80th Anniversary of Ludwig Rudolph's "Witte-Verlag"

Since 1927: Ludwig Rudolph's Witte-Verlag, Hamburg, Germany 
ludwig_r_1959-small.gif We are celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Witte-Verlag (Witte's Publishing-House).
On the 15th November 1927, Ludwig Rudolph (1893-1982) founded with his wife Emma the "Witte's Publishing-House". Named "Witte-Verlag" to honor  Alfred Witte (Ludwig Rudolph's colleague), who founded a modern Astrology System, based on rediscovered old historical techniques.
Ludwig Rudolph's first project inside the Witte-Verlag, was to publish the "Regelwerk für Planetenbilder" ("Rules for Planetary Pictures"), the so called "Rulesbook". Alfred Witte personally, gave the permission to Ludwig Rudolph, to use his formula language inside a book. Ludwig Rudolph wrote an introduction and created a very new type of an astrological dictionary.  The "Rulesbook" maked much attention to Witte's Astrology, until today.
Michael Feist  (Witte-Verlag), Hamburg, Germany