The name "Uranian System of Astrology"

Rules for Planetary Pictures (1939) by Alfred Witte and Ludwig Rudolph“Uranian System” and  “Uranian Astrology”  are abbreviations. The original name “Uranian System of Astrology” based on Richard Svehla, who translated the Book “Rules for Planetary Pictures” from German into English (English Edition published in 1939).
This was the first Translation of the so called Rulesbook. Svehla was authorized personally by Alfred Witte and Ludwig Rudolph. Until 1946 the Rulesbook didn't include Pluto and the Transneptunians of Friedrich Sieggrün, because Alfred Witte declined Sieggrün's Transneptunians.
Richard Svehla had the idea for an english name after receiving a letter from Ludwig Rudolph. Rudolph mentioned that Alfred Witte has a "Uranian" personality. So the name "Uranian System of Astrology" describe: "The astrological System of the Uranian Alfred Witte".
Richard Svehla - an American Astrologer - found the right name for "Hamburg School in America". Why? The capital letters of "Uranian System of Astrology" yield U.S.A. That's real symbolism.