Karla and Kathy

Is Karla reborn in the body of Kathy?

A contribution to the astrology-reincarnation research

by Udo Rudolph

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends of Astrology! A question-mark stands at the end of my title. It means that I’m not quite sure about my assumption that Karla is reborn in the body of Käthy. I believe it, because in my inner self an assumption has built up, by different experiences of the last three years, by dreams, events and feeling-knowledge. I regard it as possible, that Karla is reborn in the body of Käthy, I believe it and it is the first time for me to go into this field of research.

I’ll prove now, if it is possible to confirm this assumption by our Witte-Astrology and hope, that this penetrating into a new astrological research field, can lead us to new knowledge. Astrology can grow only, when we discover new fields, how it is usual in all knowledge areas.

My lecture consists in following three steps.

  1. Definition of the concept reincarnation
  2. About the connection between inside and outside
  3. The test of my assumption, that Karla is reborn again as Käthy to continue her evolution on earth.