Benazir Bhutto

Translation by Francine Rasenberg

Benazir Bhutto

Hereby are some essential observations about the natal horoscope of the murdered Benazir Bhutto.

The MC reveals the determining structure and indicates in general the particular soul qualities of the native, the individuality, in fact everything that characterizes the native.

This predisposition contains the spectrum of the possible personal life-experiences of this person.

Allowing a generally accepted wider orb for the natal horoscope, we see in particular ZEus, the lord of the MC-house-system - according to Alfred Witte, because he’s nearby the MC-axis-, in the 9th MC-house, providing creative and especially outward ventures. She is ambitious, motivated and sticks up to her intentions, and when needed in a sharp intonation. She has a scientific/technical and creative orientation.

KRonos (6th MC-house-square MC) is the dertemining element. An independent and absolute willpower as a youngster to become active, rising above the mass, in combination with a creative ambition, is indicated here.



The AScendent (12th MC-house) restricts the above mentioned somehow, in the sense that the native cultivates few intimate relations and withdraws from other persons in her immediate surrounding. But also others keep at distance from her and step back. It also refers to relations and contacts with so-called inferior and burdened groups (Help for women and children in Pakistan).

The position of the MOon in respect to the SUn is shown by an increasing opposition, giving the native strength in a material way. It also indicates an easy and quick coming into action as well as overreactions in personal zeals.

The native was at an early age educated in the USA, after which she studied in England (Oxford) where she founded the opposition group against the political elite in Pakistan and became their leader later on.

The conjunction SAturn=NEptune (11th MC-house) builds a midpoint with MArs (8th MC- house) to the MC. Also: MC = MA^SA = MA^NE

Notes by Michael:

Mr. Singer uses a special notation, which we know already from the German "Hamburger Hefte" Journal. Unfortunately, that notation isn't well known outside the German area. The sign '^' in the formula, shows us high level halfsums, real 360 degree midpoints on the mentioned axis. (MC = MA/SA = MA/NE are here in conjuction) .
It is important for a good understanding to observe the symmetrical structure in a hierarchic way. In this way of observing, your first look goes to the "great structures" (according to Ludwig Rudolph), then step-by-step you go on with the dividing of the circle into smaller arcs. In this case, the " T " (notation is important, to understand this article.

T1 - means, a combination is directly on the axis in 360°, e.g. midpoints like shown above. A "conjunction".

T2 - means, combination is on the same axis, but 180° degrees away. An "opposition".

T4 - means, an arc difference of 90° degrees to the axis. A "square".

T8 - means, an arc difference of 45° degrees to the axis. A "half square".

" T " is the German abbreviation for "Teilung", meaning "dividing" of the 360° circle.
An english corresponding word would be "TRAIL", who guides us through the study.

Note: Alfred Witte didn't distinguish between T1 and T2 halfsums. A halfsum is always connected to two points of the ecliptic = T1 and T2. Nevertheless, we introduce the midpoints, to distinguish these different intersection points (the start and the end of the trail T1 to T2). E.g. it helps in the use of the houses and the observation of great planetary cycles (periods).

* Bernd Singer uses his so called "pDH" - the personal daily horoscope - a transit, the explanation is given below at the end of this article.

Mr. Singer uses the birth date and time given by Kotamraju Narayana Rao, which differs from the "offical" data. The different date (and time) were to K.N. Rao given by the Foreign Minister of India Natwar Singh via Benazir Bhutto. K.N. Rao, a vedic astrologer, mentioned that he uses the Data since 1984/85. He is convinced to have the correct data, because in 1984 Benazir Bhutto was less prominent, and at this time it wasn't necessary to falsify her data. Also, he made correct predictions with these data since years.


This explains the suffered separations and separational actions, as well as interruptions in the working area. Her hopes are repeatedly undermined and not fulfilled in the end.

(MC = MA^SA = her own deathpoint.)

HAdes/VUlcanus is square (T4) to the MC.

VU ( 7th MC-house)
- experiences of violence by open ennemies,opponents, partners or co-workers

HAdes (6th MC-house)
- problems in the working aerea, also due to opposing co-workers, witnessing criminality and slavery, feeling helpless and dependent.

SUn/ADmetos gives also an extraordinary obstinacy and steadfastness.

Sun (in 8th MC-house) also indicates death of male persons and restriction resp. burdening stress of possibilities for personal evolution (AD in 5th MC-house).

At the age of 14 (1969) she went to Harvard College (until 1971) to then break off her study in order to support her father at the UNO.

MC=AR 13.44
AD=MA 17.05
KM=UR 17.12
ME=AS 17.33
(simple listing of differences = solar arc in 45° = T8)
- Breaking off study
- sudden relations
- lectures, contracts in the world , with others


More life events:

End 1988 Electional victory and Prime Minister (differences T8):
VU=PL 33.41
AR=ZE 33.42
PL=UR 33.42
VU=MA 33.52
NO=VE 33.53

Fall of government 06.08.1990 (differences T8):

HA=CU 35.19
KR=SA 35.21
SO=ZE 35.23
MC=AD 35.27

Marriage 18.12.1987 (natal horoscope/solar arc-directed/ tr personal Day Hor. *)
MO=MC 32.41 and
SU=MC 32.57

Axis MC/MO
= in natal = MC/VE = AS/MA = UR/CU = KM/JU
= in Solar arc = MC/JUd = CUd
= in personal Day Hor. = MCt = MC/NEt = SU/JUt = JU/ZEt = JU/URt

Radix Axis SU/MC = MC/MEd =AS/MEt

Birth son 21.09.1988 and subsequent Prime Minister 02.12.1988 (differences T8)

KM=MO 33.28
MA=UR 33.32
NE=HA 33.35
AS=SA 33.37
VU=PL 33.41
AR=ZE 33.42
PL=UR 33.42
VU=MA 33.52
NO=VE 33.53
AP=SU 33.58

The attack (Solar Arc 52.06) on 27.12.2007

Differences T8:
UR=KR 51.47
SA=MC 51.49
UR=PO 51.57
HA=JU 52.07

natal / solar arc-dir. / personal Day Hor.:

Axis JU/HA
natal = MC/VE = MC/MO = MO/KR = MO/ZE = UR/CU
= Solar arc = AS/NOd = AS/HAd = SU/CUd = NO/KRd = HA/KRd = HA/ZEd
= pDH = SUt = MOt = MA/ZEt = JU/ZEt = ME/KRt





Moreover MCd is exactly on SA^NE ! We remember MC = MA^SA =MA^NE.

Besides MAd is in conjunction with the MC !

In this way the MC complex is triggered twice (see above).

Notice the following repeat in the pDH of the natal structure. (pDH is the personal daily horoscope; in German: pTH = persönliches Tageshoroskop).
Natal MC = MA^SA = MO^JU

pDH = MO^SA t = SA/NE t (T4) and MA t = SU r


The active sensitive point on that day:
SUr + SUd - SUt = 20.09 Aquarius in the pDH = NEt (T1) = MOt (T2) = SUt (T8) and gives extra precise indications in the personal Day Horoscope about the death of the woman and the destroying public attack, see below:

SUr + SUd - SUt = 20.09 Aquarius
= (in the pDH) AR/ZEt = AS/VUt = SU/KRt = HA/ZEt = UR/VUt = PL/ZEt = CU/VUt.

This elaboration is just one possibility among many others.



*pDH = personal Daily Horoscope

In a personal daily transit horoscope, always take the place of birth and the same difference between SU-MC. The time variation of the natal time is between +/- 15min 20sec over the whole year. It is my analogy of Alfred Witte's 'progressed daily Meridian', the socalled MCw.

Formula progressed daily meridian (MCw) by Alfred Witte:

MCw = (MCr - SUr + SUt) + solar arc

Formula equation of the personal daily Meridian:

MCt = MCr - SUr + SUt (without solar arc)

In Benazir Bhutto's horoscope is the
natal-time Benazir Bhutto: 23th June 1953, 11:30 GMT a.m.
the attack pDH: 27th December 2007, 11:26:54 GMT a.m.
and all combinations in this work are not minor 45°.

Software: AstrologicPC by Michael Feist and TNP by B.Westphal

Best regards
Bernd Singer
Hamburg, 12.03.2008