Udo Rudolph 90th birthday

We remember our co-founder
Udo Rudolph (1921-2008),
who would now become 90 years old,
at the 14th December 2011.

Udo was owner of Witte Publishing House [1] and the Udo Rudolph Publishing House [2] , between 1976-2005.

In 1976, Udo was successor of Ludwig Rudolph, as the chairman of the Astrological Research Society (Hamburg School) [3] Udo held the chairmanship for a 25-year period and received - as the third member of the family - the honorary membership of the society. But he returned his membership later in protest, because the new board continued the society non-compliant with statutory rules.

Instead to sat and rest, Udo Rudolph carry on his astrological researches in an international group. In The Hague (20 May 2007), he made the proposal to form a group with a new name, this was the birth of the International Uranian Fellowship.

The picture (above) shows Udo Rudolph (1976) in front of the house, which became (1969) the seat of the publishing house and the official seat of the Hamburg School study group. About the company nameplate, the symbol of the publishing house is shown in iron. The house is family owned and in use by the publisher.

In German:
[1] Witte-Verlag, est. 1927 by Ludwig Rudolph
[2] Udo Rudolph Verlag
[3] Astrologische Studiengesellschaft (Hamburger Schule) e.V.