The adjustment of Donald Trump's birth time

Report about Bernd Singer's article
in Hamburger Hefte no. 178/2017, pp. 5-10
by Michael Feist, Hamburg

Uncertainties about birth-times are a common problem in astrological work.  Birth times in quarter minutes or 10 minutes steps are often questioned. On the other hand times outside such steps are often considered correct, in particular if the birth time was found in a birth certificate. Is this the right way? Not always!

The birth time of the new US president Donald Trump is well documented. First Donald Trump published his birth time on an unofficial certificate of the Jamaica Hospital New York. One day later he published a copy of the official registration at the Bureau of Records, which shows the same birth time. Both documents were signed by the same attending physician Robert R. Eckert from Jamaica Hospital, New York City. Additional Donald Trump published two certifications of birth (without birth times), which were provided by Department of Health in April 1999 and May 2012.

Because of astrological considerations, the German Astrologer Bernd Singer moved away from that secure data situation. In April 2017, in the journal of Uranian Astrology "Hamburger Hefte" - by the way the oldest Journal of Astrology in German Language in our days (est. 1960) - Bernd Singer published an analysis called: "The adjustment of Donald Trump's birth time".

You will probably asking: Why did he called his work "adjustment" and not "rectification"? An adjustment will synchronize the chart with the real life. Means, an adjusted chart is a hypothesis that will be used as long as it fits together with reality. An adjustment will change the time (or the place) of birth in the same way like a "rectification," indeed.  On the other hand an adjustment of a chart will not answer the question about a "correct" time, but it will give a great basis for astrological work.

Bernd Singer refer to Alfred Witte’s coworker Ludwig Rudolph (1893-1982) who wrote in the first textbook of Uranian Astrology (1933) that separation events - e.g. the death of family member - are particularly well suited for a natal verification work. Especially combinations of Saturn (separation) with Meridian (minute) or Moon (hour) should be checked. Moon, additional, has special meanings in events with female persons.

In case of Donald Trump, Singer pointed out, that two important personal life events will fit much better by moving Trump’s natal time 36 minutes forward. The events are the dead of his father Fred Trump (25. June 1999), which Trump personally called "the saddest day of my life" and the dead of his mother’s Mary Anne MacLeod (7. August 2000). Based on these events: Bernd Singer suggested the following adjusted chart for Donald Trump: 14. June 1946, 11:30 EDT (15:30 UTC/GMT), 73W48‘20, 40N41’29.

Note: In the following, please take in to account the "T-Notation" (T: Trail or Track), which will provide additional informations about the structure of the chart: T1: conjunction; T2: opposition; T4: square;  T8: semi-square. The following planetary structures are excerpts from Bernd Singer’s original article.

Trump’s fathers death
Fred Trump death, 25. June 1999 (Trumps’s Solar-Arc  50°37):

Meridian (solar-arc) equals Saturn (natal), deviation ±0°08. Please note, this is a direct solar-arc-direction in 360°.

Meridian d (Solar-Arc) in natal:
= T1 Saturn = Meridian/Cupido = Mercury/Pluto = Nodes/Mars = Mars/Zeus
= T8 Neptune/Pluto = Saturn/Hades

Means: Depression due to separation from a family member, which is seriously ill.

The Solar-Arc directed Aries-Point [Graphic 2] shows Separation, death of the father and a family loss:

Aries-Point d (= T8 Ascendant/Saturn = Sun/Neptune; Solar-Arc) in natal:
= T1 Kronos = Sun/Admetos
= T4 Zeus = Venus/Cupido = Saturn/Cupido = Saturn/Apollon
= T8 Neptune = Cupido/Hades = Hades/Apollon

The personal daily horoscope of Trump at examination of the Transit-Point: Mars + Saturn-Sun results in the natal: = T1  Ascendant = T4 Sun/Kronos 

Means: Death or separation of the father, of the leader or of a male authority.

The same combination Mars + Saturn-Sun with natal factors will show in the transit chart: = T2 Neptune/Admetos = T4  Kronos = T8 Saturn

Means: Death and separation. The change  into a different aggregate state of a male person, which is the  authority.

Trump’s mothers death
Trump’s mothers died in the morning hours, 7. August 2000. (Trump’s Solar-Arc  51°42).

Meridian d (Solar-Arc) in natal:
= T1 Venus/Saturn  = Sun/Mars = Nodes/Mars
= T4 Hades = Moon/Hades = Moon+Zeus-Jupiter.
Means: Separation from my beloved mother.

Depending on Trump’s birth time, the personal daily horoscope (pdH) must be calculated one day earlier, because the event was earlier as the birth time.  If you are not familiar with this technique don’t matter and look at the results of this personal transit chart:

Transit: Meridian = T1 Nodes = Venus/Hades = T2 Sun+Moon-Saturn
Radix: = Moon+Mars-Saturn
Means: my hidden love will be separated

The same combination of Moon+Mars- Saturn, but with transit factors, will return this axis:
Transit: Moon+Mars- Saturn = T8 Venus = Saturn = Jupiter/Admetos
Means: "the beloved mother/authority will separated"  because of a  "chronical weakness and a peaceful death." (= T2 Ascendant/Kronos = T8 Saturn/Neptune)

Trump’s Inauguration
20. January 2017 (Solar-Arc 67°31) [Graphic 3]

The axis of Sun/Jupiter (Solar-Arc) marks the head of state, President, richness.

In Donald Trump’s natal chart axis Sun/Jupiter equals = T1 Zeus = T4 Kronos = T8 Neptune
Means: The rich and creative, purposeful and intuitive authority.

The Sun/Jupiter-axis, directed with the Solar-Arc, activates the natal structure = T4 Neptune/Kronos = T8 Meridian/Sun = Meridian/Nodes = Neptune/Zeus.
Means: He will be head of state, but with awkward diplomacy and deceptive hopes.

The personal daily horoscope for the inauguration shows the following.

Transit: Meridian = T1 Ariespoint /Jupiter = T2 Konos
Means: Today successful leadership.

In the natal chart: = T2 Meridian/Zeus = T4 Jupiter/Neptune = T8 Meridian/Kronos = Mars
Means: My aims and actions as authority are speculative and unstable in material things; "Easy come easy go".

As an addition we will find the sensitive point Meridian = T1 Sun+Kronos-Vulkanus
Means: I am the powerful head of state, President, leader.

"Official" versus "Adjusted"
Bernd said, I should show further the difference between official and adjusted Meridian-Axis of Donald Trump. Here are Bernd’s words:

Official chart

= T1 Sun/Hades = True Nodes/Hades = Hades/Vulcanus
Means: I feel my physical development as inhibited. I have a sickly body; Unpleasant connections to raw violence, in connection with "The power of evil".

= T4 Ascendant/Zeus = Moon/Hades = Mars/Zeus
Means: to lead others, under pressure, full of action, have to do without.

= T8 Mercury = Sun/Venus =Moon/Venus = Nodes/Venus =Aries/Jupiter
Means: Thinking about peaceful connections and justice.

Bernd about this official MC-axis: Regarding our knowledge today, some of these hints may be seen as correct. But in total it shows a different picture of his personality.

Adjusted chart
= T1 Mercury/Hades = Uranus/Kronos
= T4 Ascendant/Mars = Cupido/Zeus
Means: I have a drastic mode of expression. Malignancy thoughts. I am determinant, commanding, incalculable and disputable boss, who's running companies foundations (and family founding).

= T8 Jupiter = Admetos = Mercury/Venus = Uranus/Zeus = Cupido/Kronos = Kronos/Apollon
Means: Casual easygoing living. I am successful and I have a lot of experience with raw materials, land ownership and tend to spontaneous choices.