10th anniversary of IUF

Dear Uranian Friend,
today, 20th of May, we have an anniversary so let's celebrate the 10th  anniversary of the “International Uranian Fellowship”

At 20th of May 2007, in The Hague, Netherlands, friends from Italy, USA, Netherlands and Germany, discuss the founding of a new international network. As result the IUF was founded by seven friends: Dr. Lietta Catoni, Tiziana Ghirardini, Meira B. Epstein, Maria Kay Simms, Francine Rasenberg, Udo Rudolph†  and Michael Feist. By the way, the meeting took place in the Pizzeria Vesuvio where we had a great dinner. The bill still exist, where at the back page all founders signed our "founding document".

Today the board is presented by the IUF-Core which includes all founders and additional core-members from USA, Thailand and Turkey: Liane Thomas Wade, Nona Gwynn Press, Dr. Winai Ouypornprasert, and Neslihan Ayanoglu.

The anniversary date mark the founding, but actually the story started already in 2005 with the 25th anniversary of the Uranian Society (New York) and the first Conference in Bologna, Italy, in 2006. Between 2008-2014 we had great conferences in Riga, Hamburg, New York, Bangkok and Istanbul. Indeed, the last years we had no conferences, but we are all still in contact in many different ways. A new conference will coming up in future, this will be sure.