The 5th IUF Conference of Uranian Astrology 2010 - a short flashback

The 5th
IUF Conference of Uranian Astrology was conducted by The Uranian Society, SIG NCGR, 23-24 October 2010 in New York City, USA, with great success. About 60 participants from several countries attended the conference.

Our special thanks to Liane Thomas Wade, President Uranian Society and NCGR Executive Secretary, she made this dream possible. And of course our thanks to friends and members of the IUF because our friendship is very special.

He had the honour to listen this speakers: Liane Thomas Wade, Nona Gwynn Press, Michael Feist, Dr Lietta Catoni, Maria Kay Simms, David Beazley, Faith McInerney, Dr Winai Ouypornprasert, Bill Meridian, Francine Rasenberg, Meira B. Epstein and Gary Christen.

You can download the lectures at The Uranian Society WebSite.

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